Dr. Bradburn


I started seeing Dr. Bradburn due to lower back pain and issues with my left wrist and shoulder. I had no idea what to expect as I had never seen a chiropractor before, and I wasn't even sure if they could help. I have been going for treatments for a few weeks now and feel almost completely normal again. My body pain has substantially decreased, I am moving better, my balance has improved and I feel more confident. Dr. Bradburn and his staff really know their stuff. I appreciate that they are kind, considerate and easy to talk to. No question is off-limits, and you can tell they genuinely care about their patients. They love what they do and it shows. Please give them a try if you are unsure about chiropractic care or where to start with your treatment.



Dr. mcgraw


Since May 2017, I have been suffering from severe tennis elbow. No, I don't play tennis, but I do ultrasound people of all ages for a living. I have been a sonographer for six years. As a student, we read tons of articles saying that the majority of sonographers who have been scanning for over five years will scan in pain because of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. At first, I didn't believe this was true, but sure enough, into my fifth year, like clockwork, I joined the large group of ultrasound technologists who scan in pain. I tried months of physical therapy, a cortisone shot in my elbow (which lasted one week), icing/heating, rest, less ultrasounds (not practical), tons of ibuprofen, lotions/gels, anything that MIGHT help. Then in the fall of 2017, my employer held a health fair and Dr. McGraw with Active Care Chiropractic had a table with his services. I thought, why not? I had already tried everything under the sun. Why not try a chiropractor. Dr. McGraw explained Active Release Therapy and how he was confident he could help me with my elbow. He worked on my elbow for maybe two minutes. I was pain free for at least an hour! I decided to give him a try. Best. Decision. Ever. He worked on my elbow by breaking down the jagged scar tissue I had created with repetitive motions from my job and helped my body create smoother tissue. And trust me, I looked at my elbow with my ultrasound machine before and after. The difference was astonishing. I cannot fully express how grateful I am for Dr. McGraw's help. He helped save my career by saving my elbow!


Dr. bradburn


I’ve been going to Active Care since 2014. It took a lot for me to try chiropractic care, I was one of those people that was terrified to let someone crack my neck. Within a few months, my migraines were under control. It’s to the point now that I get one maybe once/twice a month if that; I used to get them 1-2x/week like clockwork. I’m sleeping better. I have more reliable energy (for the most part), and my autoimmune thyroid disorder is in remission. But the biggest change to my life is due to Dr. Bradburn helping me through the difficult year I had questioning severe joint/tendon pain and ultimately being diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis. This in itself makes me extremely emotional: without his help through the pain, inflammation, and swelling with the flares, I really have NO idea how I could have coped with this new phase of my life when I had to be patient with my Rheumatologist trying different things. While pharmacology can be fantastic and sometimes absolutely necessary, it’s never the complete solution for all of us. Thank you just doesn’t seem sincere enough to express my gratitude to the care I receive at Active Care Chiropractic. You’ve completely changed my life.



Dr. mcgraw


After suffering for years from headaches, and using chiropractic as a way to just keep them at bay, I am so glad I found Dr. McGraw and the active care technique. I am as close to cured as I've ever been, and I now have zero headaches between visits. I can't recommend this practice enough. Plus, the office staff are the kindest, funniest people!


Dr. bradburn


Dr. Bradburn and the entire team at Active Care is the best medical care I've ever received. They truly care about their patients and take time getting to know them, which is the most important aspect of medical care for me. As a college student, it's hard for me to make time to take care of my spine, even though I have scoliosis and a back injury from a car accident years ago. After dealing with headaches and neck and back pain for so long, I figured I was doomed with it for life. In just the past few weeks, I haven't needed to take pain medication anymore. I feel like I'm getting my mobility back again, and it's all thanks to Active Care.



Dr. mcgraw


I have always enjoyed hunting, fishing, and lifting, not to mention I have a physically demanding occupation. I was moose hunting in Alaska when an old back injury resurfaced. Thinking I had experience with the injury, I went on making corrections myself and after a setback decided surgery was the best option because I did not want to continue on pain meds. I stopped in Dr. McGraw's office as a last chance long shot. Dr. McGraw explained what was going on and laid out a plan to get me back to living pain free. Through adjustments, laser treatments, (which accelerated recovery) therapeutic exercises, and Active Release Technique, I'm now back to doing what I enjoy and am more educated on how to stay injury free.


Dr. bradburn


I first found our about Active Care when I came in with a friend to see what a chiropractic office is like. I had never been before. Knowing the history of back troubles with my mom, I too had lower back pain. I also had a crick in my neck, which who doesn’t at this time in age.  After getting some x-ray’s, my hips were out of alignment. After the first few appointments, I started to notice I didn’t have as much back pain as did before. At the end of the 9 month cycle, I was feeling great. I was sleeping better and was not in any noticeable pain in my back and my neck. The staff is awesome! I love how involved Active Care is with Paws4people. I have recommended Dr. Bradburn to many of my coworkers and will continue to do so!



Dr. mcgraw


I had been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain for more than 10 years due to a car accident and repetitive sports injuries. I eventually lost almost all of my range of motion, resulting in scapula surgery. After several rounds of failed physical therapy and refusing to take pain medications, I had "learned to live" with the daily pain. I work in a physical aspect of the medical field in which I deal with heavy equipment and handling patients all day. I just could not seem to find any relief. That was until I was introduced to Dr. McGraw with Active Care Chiropractic. After the first few adjustments and active release therapy, I began to immediately have relief. Now just a few short months later, I am more relaxed, have decreased headaches and am much more flexible in my neck, shoulders, and back!


Dr. bradburn


When I started seeing Dr. Bradburn I was experiencing debilitating headaches weekly from a past CrossFit head trauma. They would last for days which made it hard for me to concentrate and to get through the workday. They also were negatively impacting my coursework and study time for my masters program. After seeing the team at Active Care and following their program my headaches have reduced in quantity and severity. Life without headaches has allowed me to finish my masters program and enjoy life outside of work. I highly recommended them to anyone in need of chiropractic services.


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