I was experiencing terrific pain in my neck and back. Dr. McGraw has helped to alleviate this pain. With the exercises provided and the continued treatment, I know I will continue to live pain free. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly! Thanks Active Care Chiropractic!

-Virginia Teachey

I have been looking for the “right” chiropractor for me since moving to Wilmington in October 2012. I have had chiropractic care my whole life and I have certainly found the right fit for me with Dr. Bradburn!! Thank you, I am feeling better already.


-Maureen Eddins

I was referred to Dr. McGraw a couple of months ago by a fellow runner following a debilitating running injury causing terrible pain and over time inability to run any distance. I began with Physical Therapy and an MRI prior to being referred to Dr. McGraw and needless to say, I experienced no improvement with Physical Therapy due to the nature of my injury. Following a couple months of treatment including Active Release Technique from Dr. McGraw at Active Care Chiropractic, I am now running again about 4 miles without pain. Dr. McGraw and his staff are very knowledgeable and extremely personable. I would definitely recommend Dr. McGraw and his staff for excellent chiropractic care!


-Michelle Campbell

I originally went in to see Dr. McGraw about a case of Plantar Fasciitis that had been causing me pain for 3 months. It was also beginning to affect my opposite knee from limping so much. I’ve only been going for a few weeks but I’ve already noticed a significant decrease in pain. His full body approach to healing has shed new light on problems I have with my spine. I’ve gotten relief from leg pain that 3 months of physical therapy was unable to fix. We’ve still got a ways to go but I’m confident that Dr. McGraw and his staff will continue to help me progress to the active lifestyle I’m accustomed to.


-Hayden VonWald

This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I was seeing Dr. Bradburn from March 2014-May 2014 and let me tell you, it was awesome. From my first appointment to the last one, the staff was very cordial, respectful, and friendly. They legitimately care about every single client that walks through the door. I looked forward to getting fixed everyday I drove down from Camp Lejeune. Overall, my lower back felt a whole lot better. Every one of my lifts at CrossFit Wilmington (next door to the chiropractor) went up at least 30lbs or more due to the phenomenal program Dr. Bradburn had me on. Overall, I absolutely loved this place. I do not know when I will be back there again, but if I came back to be stationed in Camp Lejeune, I would make the drive every day. Thanks everyone there so much and wish you all the very best.



-Colt Marcyan

Dr. McGraw recommended D-Hist to me after I had complained about springtime allergies that were affecting my sinuses, especially at night.  I was never sold on traditional medicines (Claritin, Zyrtec, etc.) as they had never seemed to help, but after a week on D-hist, I noticed I was breathing easier and sleeping more soundly.  D-hist is one of the few allergy medicines that helped alleviate my symptoms without making me drowsy as well.


-Javay Hurt

I started seeing Dr. McGraw a few weeks ago with lower back pain and noticed a reduction in pain after the first visit. The pain continues to decrease and my range of motion has improved drastically as well! I previously went to a different chiropractor and was getting worse. Dr. McGraw has given me hope and what he does is truly amazing! His staff is awesome too!



-Nicole Hockaday

I started going to Active Care Chiropractic when I was suffering with plantar fasciitis. The treatment I received was amazing! I was able to keep doing my activities and in no time my pain was gone! I followed the home instructions and went regularly to get therapy from Dr McGraw. I was very satisfied with my care. I have had other issues as well that Dr McGraw has been able to treat! The office is very pleasant and sends reminders through text messages as well as a phone call! Highly recommend Active Care Chiropractic.


-Susan Warwick

I have been going to Dr. McGraw for about 9 months now for my shoulder and back. My shoulder feels the best it has in years and the maintenance for my back has allowed me to get back to working out full-time pain free! The staff is wonderful, courteous and will assist in helping you find appointment times that work with your busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Active Care chiropractic!


-Casey Gorman

I recently moved to Wilmington and was looking for a chiropractor. I was referred to Active Care by one of the sporting stores. Upon meeting the staff, I felt welcomed and very comfortable. I had been seeing a chiropractor for 18 years so I knew what I was looking for. Dr. McGraw was wonderful in listening to me and even more wonderful in my treatments. The staff is fantastic and I would refer Dr. McGraw/Active Care Chiropractic to anyone looking for amazing care!


-Michele Parlato

I've been receiving care from Dr. McGraw for a few years now and he is so different from other chiropractors I've been to in the past. The active release technique he does has helped me with numerous pulled muscles and tendons from my active lifestyle, all over my body, not just in my neck and back as other doctors simply focused on. He keeps me feeling ready for whatever my next adventure is and his staff is a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

-Karen Walsh

II want to say Active Care Chiropractic is the place you want to go if you’re in pain from new or old injuries, the techniques Dr. McGraw and Dr. Bradburn have is the most effective I have ever experienced. I’ve had some discomforts in my neck and hips and now those are all gone thanks to the expertise, knowledge and care I have received. The office staff is wonderful as well they all make you feel that you are important to them, they care about how you are feeling. "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU" over there and they show it. I highly recommend everyone to go and start your road to recovery with the best team and chiropractors you will ever need. Thank you for all your help I feel the best I've felt in 20 years. You’re all the best.


-Shirley Flores

Active Care Chiropractic has everything I want in a chiropractor. Every patient is treated individually to accommodate their needs. I am a cyclist living with scoliosis and already after only about 2 months of care I am seeing HUGE improvements in movement and posture. Thank you, Dr. McGraw!

-Aaron Nix

I am a runner with piriformis syndrome, ITB irritation and plantar fasciitis that had become progressively worse over time. Things progressed to the point that I couldn't walk more than a quarter mile without pain and cramping in my low back, glutes and hip. I had read favorable reviews about ART and my doctor recommended Dr. McGraw. After 5 weeks of therapy I can say with confidence that we are making progress! I can move better and have less pain. I am walking again. I am not running yet, but am confident we will get there.

-Diana Guseilo

 I went to see Dr. McGraw before my first marathon to make sure I was in tip top shape based on recommendation from a fellow runner. I was expecting my legs to feel better but not only did my legs feel better Dr. McGraw fixed a pinch in my lower back that I had been living with for years. My schedule at work has been hectic and the office has been incredibly flexible and has worked with me to get me in. Definitely a great first experience with a chiropractor!!!


-Megan Schroeder

I injured my wrist 3 years ago and have been seeing Dr. McGraw ever since. Using ART techniques, my wrist healed up fast and allowed me to get back to CrossFitting. I currently switched over to Dr. Bradburn at the satellite office across town. Dr. Bradburn has helped me with neck and back pain. The knowledge and expertise at Active Care is the best I have experienced with chiropractic care in Wilmington! Highly recommend.


- Cody Lambert



I recently started seeing Dr. Bradburn for low back pain that had sidelined me from CrossFit. After a few weeks, I am seeing remarkable improvement and have started back to modified training with very little pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Bradburn and the Active Care team.


-Bryan McGee

I have had SI joint issues for years and when I moved to the area, I was worried that I wouldn’t find anyone who could help me. (I was a competitive runner for years and I have some hip issues that cause a lot of pain if untreated). Dr. McGraw turned out to be better than any chiropractor I have worked with and he has been more thorough than anyone else I have seen. My pain is greatly diminished and I am so happy I have been getting treatment at Active Care because I know I am preventing future damage. Also – as a surprise – I tried the D-Hist he sells for allergies and it’s amazing!!


-Pamela Hunt

My experience with Dr. Eric McGraw was twofold. First I felt he was like all the rest-telling me what was wrong and within 10-12 sessions, I’d be back to normal. Well to my surprise, he helped me much sooner. I started feeling better after 3 sessions. His mind-body approach really works. He is very well educated in his field, plus he adds information about nutrition and over all taking better care of our body. To me action speaks louder than words, and Dr. McGraw does what he says he will do.  Being with T.N.T. working to end blood cancers through LLS, I met Dr. McGraw at an injury clinic and for me, it was the best thing that happened.


-Carol Marrow

I was having serious neck and upper back pains from sitting at a computer too long and with poor posture. After seeing Dr. McGraw for some intensive help using his Active Release Techniques, I’m now on a maintenance plan and I can work normally again. Although Dr. McGraw can do great things to help you, much of my success in staying healthy is preventative maintenance, and following his orders and taking better care of myself. I was very skeptical of chiropractors in general. Dr. McGraw has now put those skepticism’s to rest.


-Matt Wilkinson

I am a 68 year old avid tennis player with double knee replacements. I am committed to playing competitive tennis for as long as I can.  But as an “older” player, I often experience injuries that basically result from my passion for tennis. Times and time again, Dr. McGraw’s treatment has helped me overcome a number of tennis related injuries. His care and skill, through his use of Active Release Techniques, have kept me on the courts and, consequently, have helped me maintain a decent quality of life. I have referred a number of my tennis friends to Dr. McGraw, and with Dr. McGraw’s help, they too have been able to recover from tennis relates injuries. If you are committed to staying with Active Care through the “Golden Years”, without reservation, I recommend Dr. McGraw and Active Release Therapy.


-Paul DeMuro

Dr. McGraw and his staff have provided top Chiropractic care to me and many of my clients at CrossFit Wilmington. Since starting with Active Care I have had improved athletic performance especially in my hips and lower back and achieved a better quality of life!


-Josh Edwards

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