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Patient of the Month 2016


Oleander Drive Office
Eva & Eric P.

Eric and I feel blessed to have a chiropractor in town who practices Active Release Technique! Dr. McGraw has kept Eric from having surgery on his wrist due to carpal tunnel symptoms from overuse as a locksmith.
Likewise, Dr. McGraw has helped me recover from various knee & hamstring injuries from running and so much more. We whole heartedly believe in being proactive to stay healthy. Thank you Active Care Chiropractic for helping us to continue to live our active lifestyles!!!
You and your staff ROCK!!!”

Capital Drive Office
Diane A.

I like to think that fate brought me to Active Care Chiropractic. Early in 2016 my company held a “Lunch and Learn” where Dr. Bradburn was the guest speaker. For over a year, I had been experiencing numbness in the tips of three fingers on my left hand. I dealt with pain down my left arm for 6 weeks or more before it got better but the numbness never went away. I also suffered from lower back pain on more occasions then I want to remember. So I figured Dr. Bradburn’s offer of a free visit and x-rays couldn’t hurt. So I made an appointment that changed my life or should I say my “aches and pains”.
Dr. Bradburn educated me on the health condition of my spine especially in the areas of my pain. He showed me the x-rays and what he could fix 100% and what he could get close to 100%. I wanted the numbness to go away and the lower back pain to be as little as possible. After treatment with Dr. Bradburn including special exercises for my neck and back, I felt 100% better. I continued to work out at the gym with my trainer while seeing Dr. Bradburn. He advised me on which exercises to avoid for less back pain.
I continue to visit Dr. Bradburn twice a month now. My quality of life has improved a 100% with only a small bit of numbness in one finger only now and then when I have over done it. I hardly have any back pain now. Thanks to Dr. Bradburn and his staff I feel rejuvenated and excited about exercising and living large!”


Oleander Drive Office
Tom G.

I was in a severe car wreck in high school. I was in the hospital for various surgeries, I felt the need to “tough it out” when it came to my back and neck discomfort. Well some 20 years later, I had an acute back pain that caused me to finally see a chiropractor. Not only did Dr. McGraw knock out that acute pain within a couple of weeks, but he took on the task of addressing the neck and shoulder discomfort I’ve been living with. Because I ignored the problem for so long, my bones and muscles have gotten accustomed to being out of place, so it’s taking time to get them aligned, but I can definitely tell we’re making progress. I just wish I had gone to a chiropractor years ago! The good news is that I’m in great hands with Dr. McGraw and his staff. They’re friendly and knowledgeable and I highly recommend them.

Capital Drive Office
David N.

When I met Dr. Bradburn, I was dealing with knee and back pain. In fact, I could hardly bend my knee at all and it was becoming very difficult to play any sports that I wanted to play.
Since seeing Dr. Bradburn to get regular adjustments and doing the exercises and stretches he gave me, I don’t have any more back pain and am feeling really good. Thanks for getting me back on the field and on the court Active Care Chiropractic.


Oleander Drive Office
Kevin D.

“As a Martial Arts School owner and father to a three year old little girl, back pain affects my hobbies, job and family. So, after a lifetime of sports and Martial Arts had taken their toll on my knees and lower back, I finally broke down and decided to get some help. Dr. McGraw did an amazing job of assessing the problem and formulating a long-term game plan to fix my issues. My routine maintenance visits keep me active for my business as well as my family, and on the occasions when I push too hard Dr. McGraw is there to get me back on track. I’m not ready to slow down, and with Dr. McGraw’s help, I don’t plan to for a very long time.
I also have to mention the amazing staff he has. My daughter loves to go to “work” behind the desk while I am getting adjusted. She loves all the staff at Active Care Chiropractic and I feel like they are part of the family. They really are amazing!!”

Capital Drive Office
Jillian R.

“I started going to Active Care after Dr. Bradburn introduced himself in the gym and spoke about ways he can assist with mobility issues. After a few treatments I realized I already saw major improvements in my mobility, most noticeably my shoulder. I had surgery over five years ago and struggled with movements in the gym that should have been easy. Dr. Bradburn was able to work out some scar tissue and give me back some range of motion. Further, it helped take away a lot of the pain that accompanied the limitation. As if this wasn’t enough… when I started volunteer firefighting, the team at Active Care was there to help me through all of my aches, pains, plantar fasciitis, tweaked back, and tweaked pelvis… all of it! They have been absolutely fantastic! Plus, they are always happy to see you when you walk in the door. Thanks Active Care!”


Oleander Drive Office
Luke A.

Dr. McGraw is an amazing chiropractor! He does a great job on fixing my injuries in soccer. He has fixed my hamstring, Achilles, and my shin. He is overall a great guy! Thanks Dr. McGraw!

Capital Drive Office
Traci H.

I came to Dr. Bradburn about a year ago because I was experiencing major numbness in my hands & forearms. I would wake up at night from the pain. It would take an hour or two every morning for my hands to “wake up” and quit hurting. After just a few visits with Dr. Bradburn, the numbness was completely gone. It was like a miracle. He has also been helping my lower back pain and giving me more mobility in my neck.
My job is physically demanding and very hard on my body. I feel so much better after every adjustment! I look forward to each visit. Dr. Bradburn & his staff are very friendly and they get you in and out quickly on each visit. That works great with my busy lifestyle. They are very understanding when you have to reschedule an appointment. Thank you Dr. Bradburn & staff for my improved health & well being!!


Oleander Drive Office
Glenn V.

After relocating to the Wilmington area about eight years ago, I was referred to Dr. McGraw. He is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. No matter what my ailment or injury has been, Dr. McGraw has looked to the root of my pain and provided me insight on ways to treat and prevent future occurrences. More recently he has help me manage my lower back pain and resolve my elbow tendinitis which has allowed me to resume my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more!!! His staff is also A++, I would highly recommend!!!

Capital Drive Office
Bre S.

From the moment I walked into Active Care Chiropractic, I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was extremely friendly, ready to help me with chronic pain associated with chiari malformation. I’d already had decompression surgery and thought I was on the road to recovery. Shortly after the procedure, recurring pain kept me from enjoying my family, my friends and my work. I couldn’t turn my head, I experienced dizziness, intense headaches, pseudo-seizures, severe neck and back pain, and tightness through the shoulders.
Dr. Bradburn is understanding, listens carefully to my concerns and worked with me to devise a plan to get relief. He is generous with his time, explains each manipulation thoroughly, and does so gently and with constant awareness of my condition. He introduced me to exercises I can do on my own to support his work. Over the past few months, Dr. Bradburn has helped me achieve full range of motion and helped me live a pain-free, fulfilling life again. He’s a true professional who does so in a friendly manner. I’m feeling terrific and am so glad I found Active Care Chiropractic and Dr. Bradburn.


Oleander Drive Office
Jeremy S.

Dr. McGraw and his team are phenomenal. Besides giving me the information about how to better myself physically, it’s always a pleasure to come in and talk with the staff. Dr. McGraw took time to really break down all that was needing to be focused on and explain it in full detail. I am an “always on the go” kind of person and years of heavy sports have definitely taken a toll on my life. He understood the need and desire I had to better my daily tasks. Thank you Dr. McGraw and your team!

Capital Drive Office
Darrell W.

I have been seeing Dr. Levi Bradburn for about six months. The first three months I saw Dr. Bradburn for a shoulder injury that I sustained a couple of years ago. Through Active Release Technique, stretching, and exercise my shoulder is much better and continuing to improve every day. Dr. Bradburn also adjusted my neck and back while treating my shoulder. He is always professional and always ensures that all of my questions are answered. I would recommend Active Care Chiropractic to anyone!


Oleander Drive Office
Eric & Kelli C.

My wife Kelli started coming to Active Care for some recurring neck pain, while I was seeing another chiropractor in town. As I became increasingly disappointed with my own doctor, Kelli kept encouraging me to give Active Care a try. I’m incredibly glad I did. Not only did Dr. McGraw listen to the multiple issues I was having and devise a plan that really got results, the staff is incredibly friendly and very flexible in accommodating my unpredictable schedule. My wife and I have both been extremely happy with the results we’ve gotten from the active release therapy. We’re both able to continue enjoying our physical activities without pain, and more importantly, we’re able to keep up with our two energetic girls. Thanks to Dr. McGraw and the great staff at Active Care Chiropractic!
Thanks Active Care for keeping me healthy and able to pursue my random goals!

Capital Drive Office
Lindsay C.

I struggled with lower back pain for about two years. It affected daily tasks like getting dressed, going for walks, and cooking. Active Care Chiropractic was able to see me quickly, and Dr. Bradburn developed a plan to help me get better. He used a variety of techniques such as adjustments, active release therapy, and exercises to relieve the pain and increase my mobility.
My quality of life has improved dramatically since receiving treatment, and now that I’m not in constant discomfort, I’m able to move much more easily. Throughout the whole process Dr. Bradburn and his entire staff were very professional, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. They always made time to answer my questions and work with my schedule. I am so grateful to have found quality care, and awesome results!


Oleander Drive Office
Nicole S.

I began coming to Active Care in November of 2013 for a nagging neck injury. Dr. McGraw and his staff worked with my crazy schedule to help get me adjusted & back to where I needed to be! Over time, Active Care has helped me with other various injuries like hip pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, a hand injury and shoulder pain. With the care of this team I have been able to participate in a Strongman Competition and soon a power lifting meet and Sprint Triathlon.
Thanks Active Care for keeping me healthy and able to pursue my random goals!

Capital Drive Office

Well how could I start… it’s been almost two years since I started to have this little pain in my lower back, that was increasing every day, but I kept working and doing “normal life”. I just thought it’ll go away, so I didn’t tell anybody. But when I was sitting down or standing up I couldn’t hide it any more, I wanted to scream because of the pain. My family noticed and told me to take care of it, which I didn’t so it just got worse!!
I love to sit on the floor, so one day I decided to try because I felt better, but that was worst thing I could’ve done, when I wanted to stand up I just couldn’t. My brother had to help, I was just crying because of the pain, so I finally got up and went right away to look for a chiropractor. I saw Active Care’s rating online and I called right away. The staff was SO nice and they found a time for my appointment the same day because of my crying and demanding pain voice, so that’s when I met my lovely Dr. Bradburn and the next day Dr. McGraw. Then we started treatment at Dr. Bradburn’s office. Wow!!!!! What can I tell you, I recommend Active Care to everyone!!!!
Thanks to all the staff for everything, thanks doctors for all the help. Thank you Dr. Bradburn for being so patient with me and even answering my million questions, and helping with my English!!!
If you have a problem just give it a try at Active Care Chiropractic, you won’t regret it 😉
P.S. Guess what, I can sit on the floor again!!! God bless!!!”


Oleander Drive Office
Jamie S.

“I’ve been a satisfied patient with Dr. McGraw and his awesome staff for 4 years now. Initially, I had acute pain that was work and sports related. Rather then just fix it for now, he comprehensively evaluated me from my diet to my posture. His recommendations have allowed me to be pain free ever since. More importantly I am a healthier person. I will continue to with my regular appointments as long as they’ll let me in the door, because it works!”

Capital Drive Office
Jacob B.

I spent 7 years in the Marine Corps including two combat deployments and three years teaching martial arts to Marines. My neck had gotten to the point where I’d have muscle spasms 2-3 times a week and could barely function. Conventional medicine couldn’t cut it and they just gave me muscle relaxers. Dr. Bradburn and his exquisite assistant Kara did such a phenomenal job getting my neck, back, and hip back into shape that I’m now competing in the Highland games.
I cannot tell you enough how drastic of a change this has made in my life and I would doubt that any other chiropractor would give you the same level of care. I finally got into physical therapy for my neck and found out Dr. Bradburn already had me doing all of the right things for it. Exquisite individuals with a wealth of knowledge and a care cup that is always full.


Oleander Drive Office
Shawn E.

I’ve been going to Active Care Chiropractic for almost 3 years now. I’m fairly active and constantly finding new ways to hurt myself. I first started seeing Dr. McGraw to treat my lower back pain but since then he’s also been able to treat my shoulders, my feet, and knees. I go in for monthly maintenance now but look forward to every visit because I’ve typically messed something up in between each session. Active Care Chiropractic definitely makes me feel like my body isn’t completely falling apart and thanks to all of the help I’ve gotten here I’m able to maintain my active lifestyle.

Capital Drive Office
Denise P.

I first met Dr. Bradburn when he came to my office, Atlantic Dental Group, for a lecture on ergonomics in the workplace. I have been a dental hygienist there for twelve years, and this appealed to me greatly so I could work on my posture and improve my day to day techniques. Dr. Bradburn also talked about active release therapy, which I was unfamiliar with. As a hygienist, I use my hands for gripping instruments all day long, and had been diagnosed with median nerve tendonitis, caused from overuse of the muscles. I was starting to experience pain and numbness, and knew in order to prolong my work life, I needed help. Dr. Bradburn said the active release therapy could help me, and we started treatment right away. I looked forward to my appointments, as I had noticed a difference almost immediately. He also taught me exercises and stretches that I can do regularly on my own in order to help. I’m now finished with my treatment and on a maintenance plan to help continue the success of my treatments. I couldn’t be happier with my results, and tell everyone I know how much Dr. Bradburn has helped me! The staff is phenomenal as well, and they make me feel like I’m part of the family. Thank you, Active Care Chiropractic!!


Oleander Drive Office
Patti B.

Eight years ago, my husband and I retired in Wilmington after living in the Chicago area for 50 years. Having problems with a painful back, my neighbor gave me Dr. McGraw’s name as a respected Chiropractor, who practices Active Release Technique. Dr. McGraw took X-rays and diagnosed Scoliosis in my spine, which was causing my lower back and leg pain. Dr. McGraw also recommended exercises to help keep my body flexible and pain free. With continued periodic Active Release treatments, I am able to continue and enjoy my active life. Thank you to Dr. McGraw and his wonderful staff!!

Capital Drive Office
Wanda H.

I have had hamstring injuries for the past several years. In October 2015 I injured my hamstring so badly that I was unable to do any physical activity at all, including running. Finally while at Fleet Feet, the running store in Wilmington that I buy all my running shoes and clothes, they recommended Dr. McGraw and Dr. Bradburn at Active Care Chiropractic. I had never heard of active release technique, so I was a little skeptical. I started seeing Dr. Bradburn in November and within a few weeks I was back to light running and other light physical activity. Since then I see improvement every week. I am now not only back to long distance running, but I am back to playing tennis, bowling, and I have recently joined a CrossFit gym.
My quality of life has improved so much in just a few months and will continue to improve with Dr. Bradburn’s help and guidance. I am now a true believer in active release therapy! I really appreciate the care and kindness I have received from the entire staff at Active Care Chiropractic and for the way they always make me feel welcome when I am at the office.


Oleander Drive Office
Nicole F.

When I moved to Wilmington two years ago, I had been going to chiropractors for years. Due to the move it had been a few months since I had been to a chiropractor. My neck was so stiff I didn’t have my normal full range of motion, just standing and looking from side to side was becoming uncomfortable. I had a few connections in town along with new co-workers so I started asking for recommendations of chiropractors in the area.

Every person I asked recommended Dr. McGraw at Active Care Chiropractic, no other names were recommended. After my first appointment, I knew why, I could tell that Dr. McGraw would take the time with me as an individual and would give me the care I needed to sustain long term health management.

I felt improvements within the first week and it just kept getting better in time. After two years, my quality of life has improved with continual maintenance along with recommended exercises. Not only do I appreciate the chiropractic care I receive, I also feel very welcome by the entire staff and enjoy every time I walk into the office.

Capital Drive Office
Emily K.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bradburn’s for about two years, and I cannot speak highly enough of the care I receive from him and the team at Active Care. Not only do they provide excellent spinal treatment, they also truly value me as a person, and provide the same healing to my friends and family that they have extended to me. Each visit to Dr. Bradburn’s office is friendly, helpful and fun (I’m often accompanied by my little dog, Petey) and I always

leave feeling positive and physically better than before my appointment. Thank you to Dr. Bradburn and his expert team for all of their help and care!”