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I started coming to Dr. McGraw at Active Care Chiropractic in March of 2016. I have suffered from migraines since I was a little girl and for the past 2 years they progressively got worse. I had been under the care of my Primary Care Physician as well as a Neurologist for 2 years trying to solve my migraine issue with medication. My migraines were severe to the point they mimicked the symptoms of a stroke; I had numbness in my face as well as my right side, my vision would become blurred and I had trouble speaking. During the course of my treatment I had a CAT scan, a MRI, and several other tests performed to help solve my migraine problem. I drive for work great distances every day and I was petrified of having a migraine because the only medicine that was prescribed to me made me sleepy. I lived in fear because I didn’t want to become stranded from home and unable to drive. My problem became considerable worse and it started to affect my focus, concentration and sleep. I was self-medicating with 8 Advil and 4 Excedrin a day just to function for work and I had no energy to attend the gym. I heard about Dr. McGraw through a patient referral and decided to conquer my fear of the chiropractor. I called and they were able to fit me in the very same day! Upon meeting Dr. McGraw I held nothing back and told him I thought I was losing my mind and he was my last resort. I described in detail my head pain and my overwhelming fear of him and his services. He assured me that he could help and he wouldn’t stop treating me until my headaches subsided and boy did he live up to his word! I have not experienced a migraine in over 8 months but not only that I now have focus; concentration and I started attending Burn Boot Camp. Being migraine free has given me back a quality of life that I thought I would never have again and I owe it all to Dr. McGraw. I’m forever grateful to Dr. McGraw and the awesome staff at Active Care Chiropractic!
– Michelle 

I originally went in to see Dr. McGraw about a case of Plantar Fasciitis that had been causing me pain for 3 months. It was also beginning to affect my opposite knee from limping so much. I’ve only been going for a few weeks but I’ve already noticed a significant decrease in pain. His full body approach to healing has shed new light on problems I have with my spine. I’ve gotten relief from leg pain that 3 months of physical therapy was unable to fix. We’ve still got a ways to go but I’m confident that Dr. McGraw and his staff will continue to help me progress to the active lifestyle I’m accustomed to.
– Hayden 

I am a runner with piriformis syndrome, ITB irritation and plantar fasciitis that had become progressively worse over time. Things progressed to the point that I couldn’t walk more than a quarter mile without pain and cramping in my low back, glutes and hip. I had read favorable reviews about ART and my doctor recommended Dr. McGraw. After 5 weeks of therapy I can say with confidence that we are making progress! I can move better and have less pain. I am walking again. I am not running yet, but am confident we will get there.
– Diana 

I started going to Active Care Chiropractic when I was suffering with plantar fasciitis. The treatment I received was amazing! I was able to keep doing my activities and in no time my pain was gone! I followed the home instructions and went regularly to get therapy from Dr McGraw. I was very satisfied with my care. I have had other issues as well that Dr McGraw has been able to treat! The office is very pleasant and sends reminders through text messages as well as a phone call! Highly recommend Active Care Chiropractic.
– Susan 

Dr. McGraw recommended D-Hist to me after I had complained about springtime allergies that were affecting my sinuses, especially at night. I was never sold on traditional medicines (Claritin, Zyrtec, etc.) as they had never seemed to help, but after a week on D-hist, I noticed I was breathing easier and sleeping more soundly. D-hist is one of the few allergy medicines that helped alleviate my symptoms without making me drowsy as well.
– Javay 

I’ve been receiving care from Dr. McGraw for a few years now and he is so different from other chiropractors I’ve been to in the past. The active release technique he does has helped me with numerous pulled muscles and tendons from my active lifestyle, all over my body, not just in my neck and back as other doctors simply focused on. He keeps me feeling ready for whatever my next adventure is and his staff is a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
– Karen 

I have been going to Dr. McGraw for about 9 months now for my shoulder and back. My shoulder feels the best it has in years and the maintenance for my back has allowed me to get back to working out full-time pain free! The staff is wonderful, courteous and will assist in helping you find appointment times that work with your busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Active Care chiropractic!
– Casey 

I injured my wrist 3 years ago and have been seeing Dr. McGraw ever since. Using ART techniques, my wrist healed up fast and allowed me to get back to CrossFitting. The knowledge and expertise at Active Care is the best I have experienced with chiropractic care in Wilmington! Highly recommend.
– Cody 

I am a 68 year old avid tennis player with double knee replacements. I am committed to playing competitive tennis for as long as I can. But as an “older” player, I often experience injuries that basically result from my passion for tennis. Times and time again, Dr. McGraw’s treatment has helped me overcome a number of tennis related injuries. His care and skill, through his use of Active Release Techniques, have kept me on the courts and, consequently, have helped me maintain a decent quality of life. I have referred a number of my tennis friends to Dr. McGraw, and with Dr. McGraw’s help, they too have been able to recover from tennis relates injuries. If you are committed to staying with Active Care through the “Golden Years”, without reservation, I recommend Dr. McGraw and Active Release Therapy.
– Paul 

I went to see Dr. McGraw before my first marathon to make sure I was in tip top shape based on recommendation from a fellow runner. I was expecting my legs to feel better but not only did my legs feel better Dr. McGraw fixed a pinch in my lower back that I had been living with for years. My schedule at work has been hectic and the office has been incredibly flexible and has worked with me to get me in. Definitely a great first experience with a chiropractor!!!
– Megan 




I Started chiropractic care with Dr Mcgraw a year ago and the results have been spectacular. I am an avid golfer and had the typical bad back and golfers elbow. The pain from a round of golf would require a soak in a warm Epsom salt bath. Standing and sitting for long periods were painful.
The first appointment we did X-rays and had a consultation session. Eric said I was a good candidate for the program and we started right away. Skip to a year later my back is in great shape. He was right and I’m glad I made the call. Eric treated my wife years ago and she recommended I get over there. I think she was tired of my complaining about the pain! He also treated my elbow and got it pain free without shots, which I had tried before with no results. If you are in pain go checkout Active Care Chiropractic. The girls at the front desk are awesome as well and are always nice and helpful.



As a personal trainer, athlete and owner of a fitness facility, I know the importance of recovery, maintenance, keeping optimal range of motion and spine alignment. I choose Active Care Chiropractic because they don’t just look at the specific issue that you might be having, but they also look at the body as a whole. They realign your spine, check for muscle imbalances, and give you corrective exercises to fix the issues instead of covering them up. The Active Release Techniques are proven to work well in conjunction with the regular chiropractic treatment. Don’t wait until a pain or discomfort appears, go there and let them check how your spine is functioning. Highly recommend to visit them before starting a training regimen and for regular check ups.



Dr. McGraw and the team at Active Care Chiropractic truly care about the well being of each of their clients. I went to get breakfast on a Sunday the day after I moved in to my new house, and ended up herniating a disc simply moving my left leg to get out of my car. After sitting in my car not being able to move for 2 hours, I tried to get out of my car. In doing so, my leg gave out as I didn’t realize I couldn’t put any pressure on it, and ended up folding like a lawn chair also severely spraining my ankle. Dr. McGraw fit me in at 8am the next morning for a consultation as I hobbled in there with a walker at 33 years old. They got me in for X-Rays, and immediately put me on a plan to get back to being able to walk again. In a few short weeks of adjustments, and laser therapy, I was jogging, and feeling better and better. I am now running multiple times a week, lifting weights again, and have not have any abnormal setbacks other than natural soreness in gaining strength back. The staff always welcomes me with smiles and genuinely asking how I was feeling each and every visit. Active Care Chiropractic is my first recommendation to anyone that asks.