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Patient of the Month 2018


Mary Kay

I have been coming to Active Care Chiropractic for 11 years. I had bilateral hip replacements, which were a success, but I was left with painful muscle spasms that existed before surgery. A friend in CT told me I needed ART (Active Release Technique). I searched the internet and sure enough Dr. McGraw had recently opened an office in Wilmington, offering ART. Desperately in need of relief, he prescribed several treatments to teach those muscles to stop what they were doing. It worked, never to return again and I was hooked! He has treated many issues of mine over the years, as well as maintenance in between. The staff has always been so friendly and helpful in accommodating urgent needs or changes to an appointment. I refer anyone I know who needs help to come here. I recommend if you’re in pain, this is definitely  the place you want to be!


I’ve always lead an active lifestyle – running, dancing, cycling, kayaking, and yoga. A few years ago I injured my low back, neck, and SI-joint in a car accident. Even though no bones were broken and the hospital discharged me with no injuries, my body felt broken. I was in pain and could no longer run or move my body in the ways I wanted to. During those years I saw three different chiropractic groups and one physical therapy group, all of whom offered some relief to my pain but no long-term healing. Some practitioners told me that I just had to accept that I was injured and growing older and that I would have to adapt to a less-active lifestyle. A friend of mine had been seeing Dr. McGraw and recommended Active Care Chiropractic to me. On my first visit, Dr. McGraw made it clear to me that his goal was to help me stay active and live the life I wanted to live despite my injuries. He used Active Release Therapy to more rapidly break up scar tissue and promote healing. He taught me stretches and exercises to do at home so that I could make progress between visits. I’ve been seeing Dr. McGraw for about 16 months now, and through high quality chiropractic care my injuries are largely healed. I go in for an adjustment every so often, and I still do my exercises, but I’ve been back to running for six months (and I’ve set several new PRs in that time) and I just recently started doing yoga again. My body works the way it’s supposed to!!! I’m so grateful that I entrusted my care to Dr. McGraw and the Active Care Chiropractic team. The facilities are clean and fresh, the support staff are friendly and fun, and they take a big-picture approach to healing the body. I would HIGHLY recommend Active Care Chiropractic to anyone who is seeking pain relief and wants to get back to living their best life!


I put off seeking chiropractic care for quite a while. I’ve had severe back pain intermittently for years, my neck and upper back always hurt, and my left tricep always had a strange sensation when doing certain exercises. After years of dealing with these issues, I decided to start seeing Dr. Bradburn. I didn’t have a specific injury when I came in, it was just my laundry list of annoyances, aches, and pains. He listened to me ramble about them all, did a thorough exam, and was able to pinpoint the causes and help relieve the pain. It seemed like every time I came in I would have a different muscle pain. Dr. Bradburn would figure out where the root of the problem was and then work his magic. I couldn’t believe that these issues that plagued me for years were being corrected. He aided me in understanding what is going on with my body and why. I was given exercises and stretches to do that have helped me to correct my posture and range of motion that was once very limited. He was sure to explain why these problems are arising and how to fix it. I feel stronger in my workouts and am experiencing more flexibility thru my spine than I ever have before. He and his staff have created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The ladies in the office are a pleasure to work with and helped me schedule my appointments around my hectic schedule. I am so glad that I decided to go to Active Care Chiropractic and to quit living with the pain.



This picture was once close to what I looked like driving a car except the facial expression was a grimace. A car wreck in my teen years followed by a 30+ year pharmacist career standing 10-14 hour shifts looking at computer screens had not been kind to my neck and spine. I had nerves screaming at me from abuse and I couldn’t sleep comfortably in any position, couldn’t drive without holding my arms out the window, had fingers going numb constantly and was overall miserable. My head pounded, my neck burned if I moved wrong, my left arm would burn and throb maddeningly for hours and NO position would relieve it. I was exhausted and miserable. I was debating orthopedics but believed my problem to be nerve pinch or damage related and didn’t feel I was beyond repair yet! Surgery or pain medication was just not an option I was willing to pursue without trying to fix the problem first. I wanted to try to work to fix what was wrong not just make it better with medications or talks of possible surgery. I thought I would give Dr. McGraw a try first and told myself  “I’ll give him a month and see where I am then”.  That was the fall of 2015 and 3 years later I know for certainty making the choice to see Dr. McGraw was one of my better decisions in life😊 Obviously, it took years for my neck and spine to deteriorate so it was not an instantaneous fix but more a daily and weekly process of exercises, appointments and a few postural habit changes over time but yes indeed it did work!!!! I committed to his care plan, followed his advice, showed up for appointments, and did what I was told and was amazingly thrilled that it all was really working !! I still come for biweekly maintenance appointments to keep it all in check. Many folks do okay on monthly maintenance but after a trial with that Dr. McGraw and I decided I really needed to be seen sooner as I was calling early constantly as old twinges were acting up. So everyone is different… I’m sure it’s just finding your own groove of comfort and staying on top of it. I want to sincerely thank everyone at Active Care! I have been diligent with appointments but I have also had many of those life occurrences resulting in changing appointments or calling for extra ones when I felt I needed it and you all are the best! I have never had any problem whatsoever getting in for appointment! Thank you all for being so cheery, fun and great every day. I haven’t driven with my arm out the window in a few years now nor slept hanging halfway off a bed with my arms dangling. Life is pain free and an exhilarating ride and I’m going through it with a smile😁


Before going to Active Care Chiropractic, I struggled with constant and dull pain in my neck and shoulders. I tried yoga, massages, Epsom salt soaks, ointments, oils, working out, seriously it felt like everything. I never truly believed in Chiropractic care, due to all of the horror stories I have heard over the years. I say all of that to let you know how incredibly happy I am to say to myself, “what the heck do you have to lose?”. At this point, I can tell when I am truly aligned, I feel great, and more active. I would recommend Dr. Bradburn to anyone, no questions asked, no matter how long or where you are injured.



Several years ago, I sustained a minor back injury while weight lifting that I thought would heal on its own given enough time. I was wrong, and after a year and a half, my back had gotten much worse to the point that daily activities such as bending over or just sitting wrong could cause big problems for me. Dr. McGraw and his staff dealt with me in a very hospitable and professional manner, and I immediately saw results with my back pain, as well as secondary knee and neck issues. I was able to return to 100% healthy and pain free, and now and able to live a very physically active lifestyle. I have repeatedly recommended Dr. McGraw to my friends and family, and will continue to do so.



My sophomore year of college I began to struggle with lower back pain from a previous back injury. I tried medicine and physical therapy, but both only temporarily relieved my pain. A year passed, my back pain increased, and I found myself unable to do the normal things I use to be able to do such as run, wait tables, or travel without being in pain. I began seeing Dr. McGraw and within weeks was starting to feel myself again. With a combination of adjustments, Active Release, and laser therapy I am now back to my old self.  Dr. McGraw worked with me for months to get me to this place and answered all my questions along the way. This summer I was back to traveling, running, and playing soccer. I am excited to start my senior year of college without the worry of being in pain.



I went into Active Care Chiropractic after tweaking my back 3 months Postpartum. My goals going in were to not only get back to picking up my kids comfortably but also lifting and running like I did pre-pregnancy. After a thorough assessment, Dr. McGraw proposed not only treating my back but also attacking the root of the problem, my knee. Using a combination of adjustments, cold laser therapy on my knee, and Active Release I am now feeling amazing at 7 months postpartum!! I am able to wrestle, carry, and care for my 2 boys. Most importantly I am back in the gym lifting weights and running long distances!! Dr. McGraw will listen to YOUR needs, he cares about what is important to you. For a mom of two who is constantly meeting other people’s needs, it was so refreshing for someone to take care of me too.


Since moving to the Wilmington area in 2013 I had a hard time finding a chiropractic practice that was right for me. I needed to find a doctor(s) that would not just make my neck and shoulder issues feel better for a day or week, but that would actually help heal my body and fix the problem. I went through a few different doctors before a good friend and my husband suggested I try Active Care because they both had such great results. And I am so thankful they did. The combination of active release, adjustments, exercises, and laser therapy have helped me get to a point where I’m not only able to get through more strenuous work outs without pain, but when I do push myself harder my body recovers faster. One of the biggest improvements has been in the amount of headaches I have. Before I started seeing Dr. Bradburn (and sometimes McGraw) I probably complained everyday to my husband that I had a headache. It was such an awesome feeling when he acknowledged shortly into my treatment plan that I had not mentioned having a headache for a long time. And it was even better not being able to remember the last time I had one.  As I reached the end of my treatment plan I put Dr. Bradburn’s skills to the test and injured myself again. Or so I thought. I was so nervous all the visits were going to be a waste. I was amazed when I was back to normal in less 3 days instead of a 7+ days. Before seeing Dr. Bradburn I would not have been able to go to work with the same injury. I’m very relieved that my neck and shoulders are feeling so much better and that my headaches are few and far between these days. I really feel that the combination of therapies I have been receiving will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet more of my fitness goals. I’m very appreciative of the doctors at Active Care Chiropractic and their staff.



I started my chiropractic treatments last year with the only intention to relieve my constant neck pain and headaches. Little did I know how greatly other aspects of my health would be improved! My continual joint issues have been reduced, my ever present tension headaches have been eradicated, and my overall mental and physical health have improved! However, the one condition I never thought would be helped through chiropractic treatments was my fibromyalgia. With fibromyalgia, there is always going to be some degree of pain. Some days, it’s just a random muscle jerk or a random patch of skin that feels like it’s sunburned. Other days, I am unable to get out of bed without the help of my Assistance Dog, ASPEN, due to the feeling that my bones and muscles are melting. These are my “bad days”. Before my chiropractic care,  I easily had 4 bad days out of a week. These days, I might have 1 or 2 bad days in a month! What an unanticipated bonus! Everybody at Active Care Chiropractic has been so nice and accommodating to my hectic schedules. (I’m sure getting to love on ASPEN helps my case when I have to change my appointment times continually!) Trust me, Dr. McGraw, ASPEN appreciates you too! He is just reluctant to show it around that table.



3 years ago I was hit by car while walking in Downtown Savanna. I had severe sciatic nerve pain which never seem to be alleviated by regular chiropractic adjustments. I was very excited when I found out that Dr. McGraw had added cold laser therapy to his practice. I had seen this work on my dog as my veterinarian has used it for pain relief for quite some time. I had wished that it was available to me. When I started my laser therapy, my pain level on a regular basis was an 8/10. By the end of six sessions I was staying between a 1-2/10. I was also engaging in activities that I had since given up doing and thought I would never be able to pursue again. I’m very thankful for the chiropractic care that I get – thanks Dr. McGraw!


I found Active Care 2 years ago after moving to Wilmington to start at UNCW. I am not new to a chiropractic office having scoliosis but that was not what brought me into Active Care. Stress from school and always looking down studying, I began getting very frequent almost daily headaches. This not only affected my schoolwork but daily activities. I had heard from being in the Paws4people classes about Active Care and decided any organization that supports these awesome causes is worth checking out. Upon getting set up for my first appointment and x-rays, Dr. Bradburn sat down with me and went over everything about my

x-rays. Then sure enough he showed me how my neck was out of alignment, 3 vertebras weren’t moving properly, and my neck was in a diagonal instead of having a nice curve in it. He recommended me coming in twice a week for adjustments in conjunction with Active Release Therapy and muscle retraining exercises. Dr. Bradburn explained how we needed to rework hard muscle tissue to help it become back smoother tissue like it was suppose to be. After my first visit, I could tell a huge improvement. I continued going twice a week for about 2 months then was reevaluated with new x-rays. It was so neat to actually see the change in my Cervical Spine. My new x-rays showed proper movement of my neck and starting to form a nice curve. Now, I am on a monthly “maintenance” routine, which works perfect. I love going into an office where everyone is so welcoming and nice. I have and will continue to recommend Active Care Chiropractic not only for their superb services but how involved they are within our community!



I started seeing Dr. Bradburn due to lower back pain and issues with my left wrist and shoulder. I had no idea what to expect as I had never seen a chiropractor before, and I wasn’t even sure if they could help. I have been going for treatments for a few weeks now and feel almost completely normal again. My body pain has substantially decreased, I am moving better, my balance has improved and I feel more confident. Dr. Bradburn and his staff really know their stuff. I appreciate that they are kind, considerate and easy to talk to. No question is off-limits, and you can tell they genuinely care about their patients. They love what they do and it shows. Please give them a try if you are unsure about chiropractic care or where to start with your treatment.



Since May 2017, I have been suffering from severe tennis elbow. No, I don’t play tennis, but I do ultrasound people of all ages for a living. I have been a sonographer for six years. As a student, we read tons of articles saying that the majority of sonographers who have been scanning for over five years will scan in pain because of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. At first, I didn’t believe this was true, but sure enough, into my fifth year, like clockwork, I joined the large group of ultrasound technologists who scan in pain. I tried months of physical therapy, a cortisone shot in my elbow (which lasted one week), icing/heating, rest, less ultrasounds (not practical), tons of ibuprofen, lotions/gels, anything that MIGHT help. Then in the fall of 2017, my employer held a health fair and Dr. McGraw with Active Care Chiropractic had a table with his services. I thought, why not? I had already tried everything under the sun. Why not try a chiropractor. Dr. McGraw explained Active Release Therapy and how he was confident he could help me with my elbow. He worked on my elbow for maybe two minutes. I was pain free for at least an hour! I decided to give him a try. Best. Decision. Ever. He worked on my elbow by breaking down the jagged scar tissue I had created with repetitive motions from my job and helped my body create smoother tissue. And trust me, I looked at my elbow with my ultrasound machine before and after. The difference was astonishing. I cannot fully express how grateful I am for Dr. McGraw’s help. He helped save my career by saving my elbow!


I’ve been going to Active Care since 2014. It took a lot for me to try chiropractic care, I was one of those people that was terrified to let someone crack my neck. Within a few months, my migraines were under control. It’s to the point now that I get one maybe once/twice a month if that; I used to get them 1-2x/week like clockwork. I’m sleeping better. I have more reliable energy (for the most part), and my autoimmune thyroid disorder is in remission. But the biggest change to my life is due to Dr. Bradburn helping me through the difficult year I had questioning severe joint/tendon pain and ultimately being diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis. This in itself makes me extremely emotional: without his help through the pain, inflammation, and swelling with the flares, I really have NO idea how I could have coped with this new phase of my life when I had to be patient with my Rheumatologist trying different things. While pharmacology can be fantastic and sometimes absolutely necessary, it’s never the complete solution for all of us. Thank you just doesn’t seem sincere enough to express my gratitude to the care I receive at Active Care Chiropractic. You’ve completely changed my life.


Dr. Mcgraw

After suffering for years from headaches, and using chiropractic as a way to just keep them at bay, I am so glad I found Dr. McGraw and the active care technique. I am as close to cured as I’ve ever been, and I now have zero headaches between visits. I can’t recommend this practice enough. Plus, the office staff are the kindest, funniest people!

Dr. Bradburn

Dr. Bradburn and the entire team at Active Care is the best medical care I’ve ever received. They truly care about their patients and take time getting to know them, which is the most important aspect of medical care for me. As a college student, it’s hard for me to make time to take care of my spine, even though I have scoliosis and a back injury from a car accident years ago. After dealing with headaches and neck and back pain for so long, I figured I was doomed with it for life. In just the past few weeks, I haven’t needed to take pain medication anymore. I feel like I’m getting my mobility back again, and it’s all thanks to Active Care.



I have always enjoyed hunting, fishing, and lifting, not to mention I have a physically demanding occupation. I was moose hunting in Alaska when an old back injury resurfaced. Thinking I had experience with the injury, I went on making corrections myself and after a setback decided surgery was the best option because I did not want to continue on pain meds. I stopped in Dr. McGraw’s office as a last chance long shot. Dr. McGraw explained what was going on and laid out a plan to get me back to living pain free. Through adjustments, laser treatments, (which accelerated recovery) therapeutic exercises, and Active Release Technique, I’m now back to doing what I enjoy and am more educated on how to stay injury free.


I first found our about Active Care when I came in with a friend to see what a chiropractic office is like. I had never been before. Knowing the history of back troubles with my mom, I too had lower back pain. I also had a crick in my neck, which who doesn’t at this time in age. After getting some x-ray’s, my hips were out of alignment. After the first few appointments, I started to notice I didn’t have as much back pain as did before. At the end of the 9 month cycle, I was feeling great. I was sleeping better and was not in any noticeable pain in my back and my neck. The staff is awesome! I love how involved Active Care is with Paws4people. I have recommended Dr. Bradburn to many of my coworkers and will continue to do so!



I had been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain for more than 10 years due to a car accident and repetitive sports injuries. I eventually lost almost all of my range of motion, resulting in scapula surgery. After several rounds of failed physical therapy and refusing to take pain medications, I had “learned to live” with the daily pain. I work in a physical aspect of the medical field in which I deal with heavy equipment and handling patients all day. I just could not seem to find any relief. That was until I was introduced to Dr. McGraw with Active Care Chiropractic. After the first few adjustments and active release therapy, I began to immediately have relief. Now just a few short months later, I am more relaxed, have decreased headaches and am much more flexible in my neck, shoulders, and back!


When I started seeing Dr. Bradburn I was experiencing debilitating headaches weekly from a past CrossFit head trauma. They would last for days which made it hard for me to concentrate and to get through the workday. They also were negatively impacting my coursework and study time for my masters program. After seeing the team at Active Care and following their program my headaches have reduced in quantity and severity. Life without headaches has allowed me to finish my masters program and enjoy life outside of work. I highly recommended them to anyone in need of chiropractic services.