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Patient of the Month 2019



My experience with Active Care was way beyond my expectations. After years of dealing with neck pain and stiffness, I had tried literally everything without success. I had never been to a chiropractor so this was a last ditch effort for me. I feel so grateful I chose Dr. McGraw. Not only did he eliminate all my pain and got me to full mobility but he told me what was causing it and how to prevent it in the future. The bonus to being under his care was he also treated every “problem” that arose during training for 2 marathons and multiple races. I was able to prevent pain and injury and be healthy on every starting line. The wonderful staff made for a pleasant and hassle free experience.





I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed yet, it is coming up to a year now since I’ve been coming to Active Care Chiropractic and I absolutely love the entire place. Over all, the atmosphere is so welcoming and everyone treats you like family. My schedule gets crazy and yet the ladies at the desk never let me get behind in my healing. If I miss an appointment they make sure they follow up and get me back on track. Each step of the way I feel supported in my treatment and know what to expect. Dr. Bradburn took time to get to know me, my job, my daily expectations and educated me on things that go wrong and things I can do for long term maintenance. They even have really cool informational slideshow in the lobby while you wait! I learned so many random tidbits there, highly recommend Active Care Chiropractic.





Active Care Chiropractic is hands down the best chiropractic care in Wilmington! The staff is professional, friendly and always in a good mood. My back pain is completely healed and I feel stronger than ever. Dr. McGraw is amazing! Highly recommend!



My experience with Active Care Chiropractic has been amazing! About this time last year I came to see Dr. Bradburn due to fairly bad back pain due to scoliosis. I play golf frequently and I also participate in many other activities that put strain on my back. I got to the point last year where 18 holes of golf hurt so bad, I would not be able to do anything for the rest of the day. After nearly a year of adjustments as well as doing my assigned exercises for balance, strength, and stability, my back pain is hardly noticeable even when I am most active! I can play as much golf as I want and do any type of workout without experiencing the horrible pain in my back from a year ago! I only wish I had come sooner!




Active Care Chiropractic has been a fundamental instrument in my ongoing pursuit of overall health and wellness. Geared towards solving the problem instead of alleviating the symptoms, Active Care has helped keep me moving through my active work and off-duty lifestyle. Now on maintenance, I look forward to the adjustments as we fine tune the everyday wear and tears of life! Thank you to the crew at Active Care Chiropractic!



Hi! I’m Brittany. A few years ago, I was in a car accident and suffered from some whiplash. I was a chronic self adjuster and would consistently get migraines and tension type headaches almost daily. After teaching kindergartners for two years and constantly looking down, my posture and my headaches worsened. In February, I sought help from Dr. Bradburn at Active Care and learned that I had a forward head posture from X-rays as well as three vertebrae that were stuck. All my symptoms made sense to me after our consultation. I began consistently going to see him and the awesome staff members 3x a week for a little over two months. I am thrilled to say I am no longer on migraine medicine and what was really neat to see was how my head posture positively changed on the X-rays! Even better, my headaches went from about four a week to once every two weeks! I can’t thank all the staff at active care enough for their compassion and insight to helping me heal holistically.





I came to Active Care Chiropractic with some significant back problems from years of heavy training, and competing in amateur strongman competitions. Dr. McGraw did a consult, found the issues, and had a timeline and plan on how to correct them. I now have better range of motion, no back pain, and we hit the time frame Dr. McGraw suggested it would take to get me back on track.



It took me a long time to go to a chiropractor since I don’t like cracking my neck and just the thought of it makes me nervous and as Dr Bradburn can attest I have a hard time relaxing my neck. But as fate would have it, I actually hurt my neck riding my bike one weekend. I was desperate for some relief from the pain and I needed to improve my range of motion. Dr. Bradburn helped me through my neck issues with neck adjustments, Active Release, exercises and was patient with my questions. He continues to help me through other various injuries associated with my running. I ran my first marathon this year and if Dr. Bradburn hadn’t treated me I am not sure I would have enjoyed the experience as much as I did. In fact, I am still running and finished a half marathon this past weekend and plan to have many more. I am approaching my 100th visit soon which seems a little crazy but if being able to move pain free is as important to you as it is to me then I would highly recommend Dr. Bradburn and Active Care Chiropractic.







I started going to Active Care Chiropractic about 5 years ago after moving to Wilmington. I was not only looking for a chiropractor but also someone who could break down the scar tissue from 3 shoulder surgeries and help me regain full strength and mobility. Dr. McGraw and his staff have been absolutely fantastic in their treatment, customer service and flexibility. I am happy to say I have had no issues with my back and have regained all of the strength and mobility in my shoulder. Thank you to the Active Care Chiropractic Team! I highly recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!





I started going here 1/19/19 after 15 years of horrible back pain. I’m a mother to a 15 year old son who plays football, basketball, soccer and baseball and I have always been his practice partner. I own Sweet Treats by Felicia in Leland and I am the sole baker. To round it all off I am a wife to a now retired Navy husband. Needless to say my back was bad and all I wanted was to be able to still run my business, play ball with my son and be able to take care of home. Two and a half months later I feel the best I’ve felt in years and I am running a 5k race this coming Saturday, April 6th. I’m so glad I found a great Doctor who cared enough to listen to my pain and work with me to get my life back.




Active Care Chiropractic changed my life! I first came to Active Care when pain in my neck got so severe I could hardly move it. Being that I have a very active job, the full use of my body is extremely important. With the help of Dr. Bradburn and the amazing staff they not only eliminated the pain in my neck but also began the healing process for a more chronic issue found in my T-Spine. I came in hoping for a little relief and left feeling brand new! The entire staff is absolutely incredible and takes the upmost care for their clients. I can’t thank each of you enough!




My 9 year old was being adjusted by Dr. McGraw after a fall from the monkey bars. I noticed a sign in the office about headaches that peaked my interest. I had suffered from tension headaches

for nearly a decade, but more so in the last 3 years. Nothing helped them! After consulting with Dr. McGraw, we made a plan that included laser therapy, daily exercises, and stim therapy. I noticed a difference within a few short weeks. I’m so happy to report that after sticking with the regimen, I have had ONE tension headache since I started therapy over the summer! It’s such a relief to be able to do all of the things that I enjoy with my family and not worry about the headaches!




Four years ago, I couldn’t run a mile. I couldn’t even get from one room to another, without holding my back in pain. I finally did a consultation with Dr. Bradburn and began active release therapy, starting 3 visits a week for a few months. As my back improved, I not only was able to reduce the visits per week but I was physically able to train for a half-marathon. Fast forward to present day, I have completed 6 half-marathons and I am now training for a full marathon. I couldn’t have done all this without Dr. Bradburn and Active Care Chiropractic staff. From the very beginning, he carefully listened to me as I described the pain and areas with limited mobility while understanding my desire to continue with active sports. Dr. Bradburn created a treatment plan that not only helped reduce the constant pain but also allowed me to continue and progress with active endurance sports. So, thank you Dr. Bradburn and Active Care Chiropractic for providing excellent chiropractic care over the years.





I came to Dr. McGraw after around five years of steadily increasing back pain from and old injury. At that point I was in constant pain from the bottom of my shoulder blades to my hips. It was affecting my entire life, exercise, work, social interactions, everything. It was also only getting worse. When I started treatment the first thing I noticed within a couple of weeks was my digestion improved dramatically. That gave me hope my back would follow suit! I’m thrilled to say that it did, for the first time in years I could feel my back getting better instead of worse! Building boats, specifically wiring them, I’m in tight awkward positions all day, bilges, under consoles, you name it. I’m much more effective and comfortable at work now. I’m back to enjoying time boating and surfing too. I even started playing tennis (badly) again! It’s been about a year and a half since I started treatment and I’m by no means perfect, but I’m much better! I still come in every two weeks for maintenance. I’m improving steadily, and one of the most important things for me is the mental confidence I’ve gotten back. I understand so much more about my body now. If I tweak something I know it’s not catastrophic and often even understand why it hurts and how to stretch it out. Not worrying about if I’ll be able to move around in five years is a weight I’m so happy not to be carrying anymore! Woodrow and I sincerely thank the whole team at Active Care!!!!





Captain Johnny

I am 56 years old and have been using chiropractic care on and off since my late teens. I work offshore and my body is constantly beaten and battered. A year ago I started experiencing tingling and numbness and pain in my right shoulder and arm. The pain was so severe I couldn’t function at work or drive for extended time. While driving I saw the sign for Active Care Chiropractic and immediately pulled in for help. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The doctors and staff immediately put me on a course to help me deal with the pain and  numbness in my shoulder and neck.  With their supervision and care I am 99% pain free and fully functional at this time. I highly recommend anyone who has pain in their extremities to stop in and see what the amazing doctors and staff at Action Care Chiropractic can do for them.






The doctors and staff at Active Care Chiropractic are simply the best! I been a patient of Dr. McGraw’s for over four years, and while I originally came to see him to address symptoms I was experiencing with my hip, his care has evolved as my body has evolved. He and his staff are excellent listeners, and they truly care about my well being and health. The Active Release technique has been very effective in treating my hip problems, and recently I have used laser therapy to address some chronic issues with my ankle, which has also been helpful. I am a 54 year-old sports endurance junkie! I love running, cycling, and swimming, and I ran the Boston Marathon last year and am looking forward to another Boston in 2019. Recently I ran the fastest 1/2 marathon I’ve run in over 20 years! Dr. McGraw and his amazingly invaluable assistant, Amy, help me continue to pursue my athletic adventures. I highly recommend Active Care Chiropractic to anyone living in the Wilmington area; they make you feel like part of the family!





Active Care has saved the Day!

Now I can go out and play!

I had a pinched nerve in my neck!

It felt like I had been in a wreck!

With each visit the pain got less!

It got much easier for me to dress!

Dr Bradburn gave me exercises to do!

I did them 3-4 times a day too!

Dr Bradburn is the best in the land!

He must have magic in his hand!

Active care, I have really enjoyed my time with you!

Thanks so much for all you do!!