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Patient of the Month 2017


Dr. Bradburn

I came to Active Care Chiropractic because I was having some problems with my back and neck and it was starting to effect my dancing. Many people at my dance studio, City Ballet, recommended Active Care Chiropractic so I went and had x-rays on my back and neck and it turns out that I had a minor case of scoliosis.
Dr. Bradburn helped me and taught me different exercises to do at home and he also put me on a stim device that pulsated my neck and back helping my tissues to heal. The staff is so nice and sweet and I know whenever I need to recommend a chiropractor I will strongly suggest Dr. Bradburn because he has helped me so much and I am forever so grateful.


Dr. Mcgraw

I started out very skeptical of chiropractic care in general, even though prior to going to Active Care Chiropractic I had never had a personal chiropractic experience. My wife was under the care of Dr. McGraw and his staff for a few months when I decided to go in for a consult. I had witnessed her health improve and pain level decrease a substantial amount. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 14 years, and the desk job has not done me any favors about my posture, health in general, and stress. When I came to Dr. McGraw I had awful posture from typing all day long 9-10 hours a day, severe stress headaches, and very bad acid reflux. Pretty much all the stuff you would expect from working too hard and not taking care of yourself when working at a desk all day long. Dr. McGraw did the initial consultation and went over all that was wrong, and all that could be made better through his chiropractic care.
I knew it was going to be a major time and effort commitment on my end, but with my wife saying she would be there to keep me motivated, I took the plunge into chiropractic care. Dr. McGraw and his staff did a great job setting the expectations up front, so I knew what I could expect if I upheld my part of the commitment. I went into it fully focused to get better. I started to have almost immediate relief of my headaches, that was huge for me as they were almost debilitating. As we progressed and I did the exercises at home my posture started to improve. Along with the improved posture my acid reflux got better. It was if all the stars were aligning! Another byproduct of the care I receive at Active Care Chiropractic was just the discussing and motivation to get healthy overall. The team is great at motivation, encouragement, and positive comments. When I started I was very skeptical, but as I have gone through the treatment I have turned into one of the biggest proponent for Dr. McGraw and his staff at Active Care Chiropractic! The physical changes have led to more positive mental attitude and started me down the path to become healthier in every aspect of my life. If there is anyone considering chiropractic care, you need to do see Dr. McGraw and his staff at Active Care Chiropractic. I can personally vouch for them and I will be happy to share my story and successes with anyone if it will help them take the first step in reducing the pain they are in, becoming healthier, and leaning how to enjoy life even more!!

Dr. Bradburn

I started a training program last March. Three weeks in, I was having back muscles spasms and couldn’t do the classes anymore. I was recommended both by colleagues and the training group to go to Active Care Chiropractic. It was the best decision I could make!
As an office worker, I have all the typical chronic issues that come with sitting all these years: arthritic neck, upper back pain, shoulders burning. I also had two old injuries that never healed correctly; one in the upper back (which was causing me problems during training) and an old knee injury which caused me intense pain and swelling while sitting.
Dr. Bradburn worked with me to put me back on track and keep doing everything I wanted to do with no downtime. He helped me correct posture problems from sitting at a desk all the time and gave me more flexibility of movements. He taught me personalized stretching techniques to help with my upper back injury and solved my chronic knee pain in two weeks. TWO weeks! I haven’t had knee pain for seven months. I’ve had this issue for fifteen years and no specialists were able to help me. I had just chalked it up to getting old and having to deal with it. I have done more in my life for the last 7 months that I have in the last three years combined. Thank you!


Dr. Mcgraw

I have had issues with back pain for as long as I can remember and just assumed that was just how life would be. One month before running my first half marathon, I threw out my back and could barely move. After all the training I had put in I was determined to race. I came to Active Care with fingers crossed just hoping Dr. McGraw could get me through that race.
Upon speaking with him, he reassured me that not only would I be ready for my race, but that I would also conquer my back pain. He came up with a plan for me and I worked hard on the exercises he gave me. With each visit, I believed in what he was doing since I could feel the results almost immediately. Up to this point, I never considered chiropractic care as a way to rid me of back trouble but rather a temporary fix. Boy was I wrong! Since going to Dr. McGraw for over two years, I have been able to live a life without my back dictating what I can and cannot do. I am a believer in chiropractic care and will continue to go because of the quality of life it has afforded me.

Dr. Bradburn

Really great job by these guys. Straightened out back issues that bothered me every day that I’d had for years. Very knowledgeable and kept me in the loop of everything that was going on, as well as making my gym activities a priority. The staff were all incredibly friendly and my back is feeling great.


Dr. Mcgraw

I have been studying ballet since I was three years old, and have always had the goal of dancing professionally. I started experiencing pain after a bad ankle sprain when I was thirteen years old. The following year my ankle improved but waves of set backs occurred throughout the year. After testing I learned I had an Os Trigonum, an extra bone in the ankle, impacting the back of my Achilles. It gradually got worse and five years later I had surgery to have the extra bone removed.
I was told I’d recover within six weeks of the surgery, but to my discouragement a year and half went by and it had gotten worse. The pain was too intense to dance, and I was sitting out of all of my classes. I had tried everything from icing and stretching to PT and several weeks of time off. I was about to quit ballet when we discovered Dr. McGraw at Active Care Chiropractic. From the start he was different. He looked at my whole body through muscle tests and x-rays, but also was interested in the actual symptoms of my ankle. I saw him for a couple of months and had incredible improvement. If it weren’t for the science and research behind it, I would’ve thought it miraculous. I have to do exercises regularly, but it’s for precaution and maintenance now. It’s been about six months and I’m able to do everything that I couldn’t do before. I’m thankful to Dr. McGraw for giving me back a happier life: pain free and doing what I love.

Dr. Bradburn

I met Dr. Bradburn at a wedding. Soon after I injured my lower back and remembered he was a chiropractor. When I went in I was so impressed with the attention to detail, the new techniques I had not received at my former chiropractor, and the wonderful staff. I was pretty messed up and going twice a week at first. With the treatments and their recommended exercises, I was back in the gym and also felt such relief in my neck.
Two years later I still love going for maintenance. I recently started training for my first body building competition and with all the new stress on my body, regular visits keep me aligned and going strong.
I have recommended Active Care Chiropractic to so many friends and family. I can’t say enough about the doctors and staff!


Dr. Mcgraw
Karl and Monse

My wife first started seeing Dr. McGraw on a referral from a co-worker of mine. She had been experiencing pain in her neck and back for years. We had been to many doctors and gone through many tests and nothing really helped. Dr. McGraw explained the process and always spent time with us to answer any questions we had. Over the first few months my wife’s neck pain improved greatly and is now very manageable.
Dr. McGraw helped her so much I decided to even try. I had been experiencing a shooting pain down my neck and thought that it was just something I would have to live with. After a couple months, my shooting pain almost completely disappeared. Dr. McGraw provides such great care and is very knowledgeable. The staff at Active Care is also unbeatable. They are always friendly and helpful and make this office an incredible place to receive care. I truly cannot thank Dr. McGraw and his team enough for the treatment and progress with me and my wife’s health.

Dr. Bradburn

I came to Dr. Bradburn and Active Care Chiropractic because I was experiencing sciatic pain in my left side as well as soreness in my neck, numbing in my hands as well as terrible popping in my knees.
This was inhibiting my workouts and fitness plan. Walking and sitting became uncomfortable. After a very Thorough consultation and X-rays , Dr. Bradburn was able to locate the causes of my pain and create an intentional, individualized treatment plan.
I can honestly say that after going through 2/3 of my treatment plan I did not even realize how debilitating my injuries were, until I started to feel better.
The professionals at Active Care Chiropractic are so dedicated in making sure all of their patients experience top quality care, 100 percent of the time!


Dr. Mcgraw
Joan K.

I have been going to Dr. McGraw since the first of the year and am amazed at the progress I have made in that time period. I was having pain in my knee as a result of scar tissue from surgery to repair a torn meniscus.
I could not walk without being in a lot of pain and after my first visit I could actually walk with very little discomfort and now there is no longer pain. Dr. McGraw is the best and has a staff he should be very proud of.

Dr. Bradburn
Linda J.

I’ve had numerous issues for 20 years originally stemming from an auto accident, then carpal tunnel followed by RSD syndrome and pinched nerve. So chronic pain and interrupted sleep was my norm. I’ve had surgery, gone to physical therapy, acupuncture and also chiropractic care over the years with little to no success.
But while listening to Dr. Bradburn speaking at an event one evening, I realized he had a unique different approach that I decided to give it a try. One of the best decisions I’ve made for my health ever. I am surprised and thrilled to say I am feeling so much less pain and less discomfort and I’m also sleeping so much better. He is great at explaining the process and answering all my questions and making sure that I am an active participant in my care and healing. So I’m excited that by the end of my treatment period I’m going to be virtually pain free which seriously brings me to tears (of joy).
I highly recommend Dr. Bradburn and the entire wonderful staff who have also taken an active role in my care. You all are The Best!!”


Dr. Mcgraw
Kim J.

My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. McGraw for years. We both started with specific issues which he was able to resolve and we have continued to see him for maintenance.
I think we both consider him integral to our health! I’m an avid runner and appreciate all he does to keep me feeling good and injury free. The staff there is wonderful! The Jessups love Active Care!

Dr. Bradburn
Louis C.

I first met Dr. Bradburn and the staff back in December for my consultation. We discussed what my issues were such as shooting pain in my back which radiated down my right arm. This in turn made it very difficult for me to lift things at work.
This was my first experience going to a chiropractor so I had apprehensions of course, but he put me at ease with his expertise and cool demeanor. I came back the following week for my follow up exam and learned there was a lot more going on with my symptoms as Dr. Bradburn explained into great detail to me. It’s been a long hard road for me on the comeback trail to say the least, but I’ve done all of the therapy exercises he has given me and I’m definitely seeing the results.
I have NO more pain that I was experiencing before and I’m also having better range of motion in my shoulder. Most importantly, I’m back in the gym and working at the Fire dept. Also I can’t forget the amazing staff at Active Care Chiropractic. You wont meet more helpful, cordial people at any doctor’s office. I know if I have any other issues that arise in the future, I won’t hesitate to come see Dr. Bradburn. If you’re looking for a Chiropractor in the Wilmington area, I highly recommend Dr. Bradburn at Active Care Chiropractic.


Dr. Mcgraw
Mark D.

Before finding Active Care, I dealt with lower back pain for years and bounced from one chiropractor to another, trying to find relief. In 2013 a friend from a local gym recommended I see Dr. McGraw. He proposed a plan to improve my mobility and flexibility and most importantly, help me be pain free. With his treatment, I was able to get back to lifting weights, working on cars and enjoying life with my family. I enjoy seeing Dr. McGraw every 3 weeks for maintenance care because I’m a believer in what they do.”
Dr. McGraw has been out of the office for two weeks, his wife had baby #2 on 4/29! He’ll be back next week. We still have loose ends to tie up with the expansion so we still want to wait on photos. Maybe one day…. I can only hope.

Dr. BradBurn
The Nelson Family

Our family began our relationship with Active Care Chiropractic like most families: a car wreck. Dr. Bradburn was able to help our son Matthew and his Mom to heal from their injuries with professionalism, compassion and humor. (And he talks baseball and StarWars so Matt was comfortable right away!)
When we noticed our daughter’s back looked like it was curving he was the natural choice to evaluate and treat it. Sarah loves Dr. Bradburn and all the staff at Active Care because they explain things to her at her level but without “talking down” to her. And they didn’t just help with her back. When she injured her hamstring at dance he was able to help her with that as well.
Our eldest, Jacob, who takes martial arts classes, has been treated by Dr. Bradburn as well for rib pain. In short, we recommend Active Care Chiropractic and Dr. Bradburn whole heartedly. He has been great with our kids and their myriad sports injuries, aches and pains, helping them to heal and progress in following their dreams and we really appreciate him and all the staff at Active Care Chiropractic!


Dr. Mcgraw
Dillon R.

Our youngest son, Dillon, had reflux issues from the time he was born. We wanted to avoid medication so we took him to visit Dr. McGraw right after his first birthday. Dr. McGraw was extremely gentle and patient with him and worked with us on a treatment plan.
After a few months of adjustments our 1 year old is having no reflux issues and is happy and healthy! We are thankful to Dr. McGraw for his knowledge and expertise and to the entire staff in always welcoming us and being patient with our little guy.

Dr. Bradburn
Leigh Ann C.

I’ve seen chiropractors for most of my life, but Active Care Chiropractic is something new. I feel fantastic after adjustments, and with the active release technique, I stay feeling better longer.
Dr. Bradburn explains things clearly and is always willing to take time to answer questions, so I have the information I need to take care of myself and keep improving between visits. It’s empowering. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Dr. Mcgraw Office
Michelle T.

I started coming to Dr. McGraw at Active Care Chiropractic in March of 2016. I have suffered from migraines since I was a little girl and for the past 2 years they progressively got worse. I had been under the care of my Primary Care Physician as well as a Neurologist for 2 years trying to solve my migraine issue with medication. My migraines were severe to the point they mimicked the symptoms of a stroke; I had numbness in my face as well as my right side, my vision would become blurred and I had trouble speaking. During the course of my treatment I had a CAT scan, a MRI, and several other tests performed to help solve my migraine problem. I drive for work great distances every day and I was petrified of having a migraine because the only medicine that was prescribed to me made me sleepy. I lived in fear because I didn’t want to become stranded from home and unable to drive. My problem became considerable worse and it started to affect my focus, concentration and sleep. I was self-medicating with 8 Advil and 4 Excedrin a day just to function for work and I had no energy to attend the gym.
I heard about Dr. McGraw through a patient referral and decided to conquer my fear of the chiropractor. I called and they were able to fit me in the very same day! Upon meeting Dr. McGraw I held nothing back and told him I thought I was losing my mind and he was my last resort. I described in detail my head pain and my overwhelming fear of him and his services. He assured me that he could help and he wouldn’t stop treating me until my headaches subsided and boy did he live up to his word! I have not experienced a migraine in over 8 months but not only that I now have focus; concentration and I started attending Burn Boot Camp. Being migraine free has given me back a quality of life that I thought I would never have again and I owe it all to Dr. McGraw. I’m forever grateful to Dr. McGraw and the awesome staff at Active Care Chiropractic!

Dr. Bradburn Office
Danielle B.

Words can not express how grateful I am for Dr. Levi Bradburn. I had severely inflamed hip flexors and the pain was keeping me from sleeping, moving and exercising. I noticed a huge difference even after the first visit of receiving active release therapy on the muscles.
Today I was also able to lunge without pain for the first time in months. This chiropractor’s work goes way beyond doing the typical adjustments, he is the best!!


Dr. Mcgraw Office
Brian M.

I love Active Care Chiropractic! I’ve been a patient of Dr. McGraw’s for over 10 years. He has helped me with all kinds of issues, from a strained Achilles Tendon to a sore back. Whenever I’m hurting, Active Care gets me right.
I have adjustments on a regular basis because it keeps me feeling great. The staff is always super friendly and responsive. I’m looking forward to a bigger and better office remodel!

Dr. Bradburn Office
Sarah P.

I first met both doctors at a continuing education meeting for dentists where they were explaining how they could help care for my patients with jaw and facial muscle pain (great resource most suffering patients don’t know about). They also mentioned the awful postures we usually adopt as dentists and their long-term ill effects. As I had been a dentist for 10 years with a perpetually sore back and shoulders and also experiencing some residual hip strain postpartum from my new baby, I sought care with Dr. Bradburn (who had extended hours until 6pm, convenient for my schedule) and have remained a patient ever since. After some diagnostic work, Dr. Levi educated me on the importance of catching minor issues early and how to improve my work posture for best results.
My neck and shoulders never felt better! I really look forward to my maintenance visits with him too to work out the kinks that have built up since our last visit. I just had my second baby and Dr. Levi was there every couple weeks to help with that returning hip pain so many pregnant moms experience. I’ve since referred my husband, friends, and patients as one of my practice philosophies is to help patients understand the benefits of properly aligned teeth in avoiding breakdown later. I am so thankful to have discovered the benefits of regular chiropractic care as this back and core have to last me many more years in my career as a dentist and as a mommy. Here’s to a healthy alignment!


Dr. Mcgraw Office
Susan B.

When Dr. McGraw asked me if I would be “Patient of the Month” for January 2017, I felt honored. And, how would I put into words my success story with him and his staff? Simply stated, I went from A to Z, yes, that far!
In February I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my jaw. The next morning I got in to see my dentist, Dr. Overton, who poked, prodded and took x-rays to find no dental problem. Dr. Overton asked if I had been under stress, in fact I had been stressed out for several months. He then mentioned “TMJ”; I had heard of it but didn’t know much about it.
He said he wanted me to see a chiropractor who specialized in treating TMJ pain, and to whom a number of his patients had experienced success with. The rest is history!
I had an initial appointment with Dr. McGraw and his staff at Active Care. He started working with me, and within several adjustments I was feeling great. I had also been dealing with low back pain. This month we went to Sanibel Island, FL., and I stooped a lot picking up shells with no pain. My attitude has improved, I am sleeping better, and I am exercising more. Dr. McGraw and his staff have been incredibly good to me. They are kind, caring, and very competent. I give them all the credit for turning my health around!”

Dr. Bradburn Drive Office
Max & Liz K.

Active Care is the best chiropractic office in town. I did a lot of research looking for Active Release Technique (ART) and it lead me to Dr. Bradburn’s office. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, incredibly friendly and has helped out both myself and my wife.
I was recently in a motorcycle accident where I spent a month in the hospital and was confined to a wheelchair due to a list of injuries. After being discharged I knew that I needed to do something to help me heal so I began researching everything I could. I discovered ART and was lead to Active Care Chiropractic. Dr. Bradburn has been great and has improved my quality of life so much that I suggested my wife come see him as well.
My wife and I are competitive powerlifters, or at least I was before the motorcycle accident. After a bad training incident, my wife tweaked her sciatic nerve about a year ago while doing heavy squats. Nothing seemed to help her and it would flair up every time she squatted and started getting progressively worse to the point that she would feel it tighten up even out of the gym. After just a few sessions with Dr. Bradburn she is back to squatting pain free.
We both love that Dr. Bradburn looks at the patient as a whole and does everything in his power to make you feel 100% again. Another plus is that they have great flavored water every Thursday & Friday and puppies that come visit once a month!